Death By Driverless Car: The Road Ahead

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 A Tesla Model S was traveling on a U.S. highway in autopilot mode when it caused a fatal collision. Tesla's Autopilot software controls the acceleration, steering and braking and allows drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel in certain circumstances. It is alleged that a tractor pulling a trailer drove across the highway [...]

Defend Trade Secrets Act: Necessary Revisions to Employment Contracts

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  Companies deal with trade secrets and other confidential information all the time. Whether it is proprietary information regarding customers, pricing, sourcing, product design or manufacturing methods, this valuable intellectual property provides a competitive edge in the market by virtue of the fact that it is not generally known. If you use employment contracts or [...]

Overtime Eligibility Increase To Have Big Impact On Restaurants

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  New federal overtime rules will be effective Dec. 1. Restaurateurs and other employers have until December to comply with a new federal overtime standard that will dramatically increase the number of workers who qualify for extra pay. The final rule, being published today, doubles the salary threshold for employees to be considered exempt, from [...]

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