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Whether buying or selling real estate, negotiating a lease or easement, drafting escrow instructions, addressing use restrictions or environmental issues, negotiating construction contracts, or structuring a complex financing arrangement, Shah Grossi Law & Counsel is here to help. From the ordinary to the complex, we have the experience and knowledge to effectively represent our clients in all aspects of purchasing, selling, owning, managing, leasing, developing, and financing residential and commercial real estate.

Our goal is to help our clients close their real estate transactions quickly, correctly, and without unnecessary legal fees. We stay current on real estate laws and regulations that impact buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, owners, managers, and tenants. Our real estate experience includes:

Purchase or sale of residential and commercial property
Quitclaim and grant deeds
Construction contracts
Lease agreements
Lease assignments and sublets
Lease workouts and amendments
Environmental review and indemnity agreements
Negotiation of financing arrangements
Navigating zoning issues
Brokerage agreements
Review of title documents, disclosures, and escrow instructions
Addressing title defects, encumbrances, and liens
Boundary disputes
Title disputes (quiet title and partition)
Contract disputes (negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation)
Commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes
Ownership/entity structuring and documentation, including tax mitigation strategies
Property management agreements
Property co-ownership agreements
Negotiating and drafting contracts with third parties, such as brokers, property managers, consultants, architects, and general contractors

Many real estate disputes arise from unclear or deficient contract language, incomplete or inaccurate disclosures, incorrect property descriptions, and/or improper filings with governmental agencies. We pay attention to the details that matter most, and we represent our clients with competence, diligence, and a desire to ensure that each real estate transaction is completed quickly, thoroughly, and in compliance with applicable laws. Addressing each transaction with the attention it deserves, we strive to help our clients navigate their real estate issues and avoid costly litigation.

If you are currently involved in a lease dispute, breach of contract claim, or other real estate dispute, Shah Grossi Law & Counsel is equipped to strongly advocate for your rights and help you achieve positive results. Oftentimes, reaching an acceptable compromise through good faith negotiations is achievable, and that can produce the best result. But where negotiation is not productive or otherwise possible, we assist in handling a variety of dispute resolution procedures including mediation and arbitration, and we are always prepared to stand up for our clients’ rights in court if litigation is necessary.


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