It has been said that “a contract is only as good as the people signing it” and to “let your handshake be a greater bond than any written agreement.” Although some kernels of truth exist in those sentiments, our belief is that a contract is only as good as the terms it contains and to let your handshake accompany your signature. In other words, put all agreements in writing (along with a good faith handshake) and make sure the terms are clearly set forth in a way that protects your interests, addresses how to deal with breaches, and embodies the “meeting of the minds” of the parties involved.

At Shah Grossi Law & Counsel, we have negotiated business arrangements and have drafted detailed contracts for clients in various industries. Each contract must be customized and tailored to serve its intended purpose, which is why experience matters. We take pride in our ability to identify, clarify, and precisely describe the issues that matter most, while avoiding ambiguities and legal pitfalls that could lead to disputes and litigation. We have negotiated and drafted a variety of different contracts for our clients, including:

LLC operating agreements
Membership interest purchase agreements
Profits interest agreements
Unit appreciation rights agreements
Shareholder agreements
Stock grant agreements
Stock redemption agreements
Joint venture agreements
Business purchase/sale agreements
Real estate purchase/sale agreements
Lease agreements
Promissory notes
Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
Non-compete agreements
Real estate co-ownership agreements
Catering services agreements
Architectural services agreements
Intellectual property assignment agreements
Employment offer letters
Employment agreements
Independent contractor agreements
Consulting agreements
Employment separation agreements
Talent agency contracts
Artist management agreements
Premarital agreements
Transmutation agreements

By leveraging our clients’ relative bargaining positions and fully understanding the mechanics of each transaction, we strongly advocate for favorable contract provisions to which all parties can agree. Oftentimes, parties may have reached an agreement in principle but have not hashed out all the details or even considered certain key structural or logistical elements. We strive to be the voice of reason and practicality, and we pay attention to the details while not missing the forest for the trees.

In addition to negotiating and drafting new contracts, we assist in the interpretation of existing agreements and provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position. Focusing on creative solutions, we can help resolve disputes and enable our clients to move forward with confidence. If necessary, the dispute resolution provisions of the contract may need to be relied upon, which may include mediation, arbitration, and/or litigation. We advocate for the best outcome for our clients based on the unique circumstances of each case.


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