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Obtaining and maintaining a California liquor license can be a daunting task, but it provides an enormous asset to your business. At Shah Grossi Law & Counsel, we specialize in assisting restaurants, bars, and other establishments secure and maintain their liquor licenses. Navigating complex layers of regulations and helping our clients satisfy the stringent requirements of government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you. We work synergistically with liquor license escrow companies to streamline the process and help our clients avoid costly pitfalls.

Our goal is to help you obtain your liquor license as soon as possible, stay in full compliance, and succeed in your business endeavors. We anticipate and properly address potential delays in the process, which can save you considerable time, money, and aggravation. Acquiring and protecting your liquor license can be difficult without the assistance of an attorney who understands the details and nuances of this area of law. We assist with the following:

Applying for a new liquor license
Acquiring an existing liquor license
Transferring liquor licenses
Off-sale and on-sale liquor
Regulations and permits for special events
Complying with local ordinances and municipal laws
Disciplinary issues, including responding to sting operations and other undercover enforcement operations by the ABC, BATFE, and local police.
Changes to liquor licenses, including ownership changes and background checks
Responding to community protests, including claims of crime, overconcentration of licenses, and proximity to churches, schools, and playgrounds.

Once you are up and running, non-compliance can mean penalties that harm your business, or in some cases your license can be revoked. If you already have a liquor license and you are accused of a violation, we can help you craft appropriate responses to government agency claims. If you are accused of a crime unrelated to your licensed business, your liquor license may nevertheless be jeopardized, and you need skilled legal guidance to help minimize any negative impact on your business operations. We assist clients throughout the state of California with all liquor licensing issues, and we want to help you obtain your liquor license and stay in compliance. With an emphasis on keeping our clients in business and attempting to resolve cases without the need for expensive administrative hearings or litigation, we understand the rules and administrative procedures of the ABC and local California jurisdictions, including how to challenge decisions of the ABC.


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