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At Shah Grossi Law & Counsel, we want your business to prosper. Whether you are starting a new business, acquiring an existing one, or have questions about your current operations, we have the experience and expertise to advise you. Taking a hands-on and practical approach, our team will explore your options, explain the pros and the cons, and help execute your plan. We have assisted many businesses with the following:

Formation of business entities
LLC operating agreements
Shareholder agreements
Joint venture agreements
Securities offerings (equity and/or debt) for start-ups and going concerns
Business purchase/sale agreements
Lease agreements and negotiations
Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
Non-compete agreements
Partnership disputes
Corporate governance (meeting minutes, actions by written consent, etc.)
State filings
Employment law compliance
Trademark registrations
Business litigation
Breach of contract disputes
Dissolution and winding-up

Creating a New Business

Starting a new business is a massive undertaking, often involving your personal funds and reputation. Prior to forming an entity (be it an LLC, corporation, or otherwise), a complete business plan and legal compliance checklist should be created. But creating a plan and knowing how to properly follow through on it are different things. Our team is here to keep you on track so critical steps are not overlooked. How many businesses fail due to lack of organization and understanding of all the “red tape” that must be complied with? The answer is astounding, and our goal is to ensure you are not part of that devastating statistic.

We are creative, nimble, personalized, and we never outsource your matter to a “junior” associate learning how to practice law. Your excitement to create and succeed with your new venture is what drives us, and we will help you navigate the complex process of getting started. Taking the time to do things right at the beginning will save you grief and headaches down the road. Oftentimes, spending money (now) to save money (later) is the best idea, and that adage certainly applies to seeking competent legal advice when starting a new business. Do it right the first time and move forward with confidence.

Acquiring an Existing Business

At Shah Grossi Law & Counsel, we understand the value of acquiring an existing business. But we also know the myriad factors involved. Due diligence is key, and we have assisted many businesses in comprehensively evaluating acquisition opportunities. Not only do we provide our comments on the business metrics (which, of course, you have already reviewed), but perhaps more importantly, we dive deep into to the logistics and legal structuring of the transaction. We encourage our clients to also work with their CPA to understand the tax ramifications of any given course of action, and we coordinate with such professionals to provide a complete picture of the contemplated transaction.

Sometimes the way one thinks a transaction should occur is not ultimately the best solution. We provide trusted guidance and legal representation to ensure you understand the entire situation, and to negotiate strongly on your behalf. The last thing you want to do is sign a purchase/sale agreement or other transaction documents without an experienced business attorney advocating for you. We strive to increase value, minimize risk, and leverage the bargaining power of our clients.

Making Your Business Better

In any endeavor, there is always room for improvement.  Whether you have specific questions or simply want a legal “check-up” of your current business and operations, we are here to help.  Over the years, we have been astonished at the number of businesses operating out of compliance with several laws, including employment laws.  The liability exposure of non-compliance can be astronomical, even if the owner “didn’t know” they were violating certain laws.  What you don’t know can, and likely will, harm you.  One of our core goals is to ensure our clients know all relevant information about their business, including the laws that apply to them, so they can make educated business decisions, reduce liability exposure, sleep better at night, and thrive.

Affordable and Personalized Legal Services

Each business and each opportunity is different, which is why we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand the importance of not only the best service, but affordable service as well. Whether you have a simple question about your business or you need comprehensive legal services, we can help without breaking the bank. We never “churn” out work for the sake of billing more hours. Instead, we focus on the specific issues relevant to your matter and provide pinpointed counsel and sound legal advice to help you move forward with confidence.


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