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A company’s employees can be its greatest asset. They are often the “face” of the business who interact regularly with customers and keep the business going. At Shah Grossi Law & Counsel, we understand that hiring, managing, and terminating employees is a massive undertaking fraught with many potential perils. However, if handled appropriately and in compliance with the numerous employee-centric laws, your business can be positioned to thrive without fear of employee claims and lawsuits consuming your valuable time and resources. Our labor and employment practice includes the following:

Discrimination or adverse employment actions based on age, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, country of origin, disabilities, religion, mental illness, or any other protected class.
Hostile work environment
Providing reasonable accommodations to disabled employees
Sexual harassment or other forms of harassment
Retaliation or other adverse employment actions against whistleblowers
Wrongful demotion or termination
Properly determining exempt versus non-exempt employee classifications
Properly determining W-2 versus independent contractor status
California WARN Act compliance
Minimum wage compliance
Overtime compliance
Meal break compliance
Rest break compliance
Negotiating and drafting employment agreements
Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
Advising on occupational safety and health laws
Family and medical leave, including the California Family Rights Act, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, the California New Parent Leave Act, and the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Act
Sick pay compliance
Paid time off (PTO) policies and compliance
Employee benefits packages, including equity grants
Employee privacy rights
Drafting employment manuals (employee handbooks)
Resolving employer/employee disputes
Mediation and arbitration proceedings

There are so many issues to consider when you have employees, and sometimes it feels overwhelming. At Shah Grossi Law & Counsel, we help our clients understand the laws that apply to their unique businesses and operational realities. Each situation is unique, especially when dealing with human resources and individual personalities. We take the time to understand the circumstances of each case and propose viable solutions. Providing customized guidance and creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems, we are prepared to answer your employment law questions and allow you to move forward with confidence.


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