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There are significant issues involved in commercial real estate leasing, buying, and selling. Preparing a lease agreement that is agreeable to both the tenant and the landlord is important. Landlords and property owners require agreements that give them the optimum returns on their investments. At the same time, tenants seek lease terms at low costs with the availability of all amenities.

At Shah Grossi, we help our clients to draft a commercial lease that protects their interests while satisfying the needs of both parties involved. If a lease or other real estate contract is violated, then we are also prepared to pursue litigation.

In addition to commercial leasing, we also assist our clients regarding selling, buying, and financing their real estate properties in accordance with the local and state regulations.

Commercial Real Estate Leasing Services

When it comes to commercial real estate leasing, we handle complex matters with respect to the following types of leases:

  • Retail lease
  • Office lease, including multi-use space leases.
  • Ground lease
  • Net or gross lease
  • Sandwich lease or sublease
  • Industrial lease
  • Festival center and multiuse leases
  • Outlet centers, etc.

Our services are aimed at ensuring a smooth process from end to end and for that, we put emphasis on drafting iron-clad lease agreements. In the event of a violation of the contract, we are prepared to go down the path of litigation for the benefit of our clients. We provide the following services:

Drafting and Negotiating Strong and Enforceable Lease Agreements

A strong and well-drafted commercial real estate lease agreement goes far beyond the basic rent and tenure of the tenancy. Specific issues that may arise in the future always need to be included in the contracts for setting realistic expectations. This also provides the functional guidelines and methods of enforcement in case of breach of the contract.

We work closely with our clients to review all potential issues and draft acceptable terms in the lease agreements that are enforceable in nature.

Reviewing Commercial Real Estate Lease Proposals

We review proposed commercial lease terms for our clients and advise them accordingly. During such reviews, we not only ensure that the terms and conditions are in accordance with the local norms but also determine if there is anything in the lease that can pose a future problem for our clients. We will then renegotiate all problematic provisions and deal points.

Commercial Real Estate Lease Dispute Resolution

Even with all the precautions taken, there are times when a breach of contract or lease occurs. In all such cases, we assist our clients to the best of our abilities through mediation, negotiation, and litigation. During such dispute resolution, we always strive to be quick and cost-effective for the benefit of our clients.

Purchase, Sale, and Financing Services

For purchasing, selling or financing commercial real estate properties, it is essential to adhere to the local zoning and regulatory guidelines. At the same time, it is equally important to draft strategic financial agreement documents for these transactions, which prevents the risks of costly and time-consuming legal battles in the future.

Shah Grossi legal advisors assist clients not only with the buy-sell agreements for their commercial properties but also provide document conveyancing services. This includes resolving and challenging liens or property encumbrances to clear the titles.

When it comes to financing services, we provide the following services so that our clients can secure their commercial spaces for their businesses:

  • Review the loan documents.
  • Check the environment reports.
  • Conduct investigation to ensure due diligence prior to drawing financial documents.
  • Prepare, establish, preserve, and enforce real estate lien notes (construction liens, suppliers’ liens, laborers’ liens, mechanics’ liens, design and professionals’ liens, etc.)
  • Drafting promissory notes and deeds of trust
  • Handle builder, developer, and construction loans.

How Can We Help You?

Securing proper commercial real estate space with favorable leasing terms is crucial to the success of your business. At Shah Grossi, we can help you with having the best possible terms and conditions that are optimized to your business needs. Additionally, if you are planning to sell, purchase, or finance your commercial real estate property, then we can help you by drawing strong and legally compliant agreements.

Even the slightest oversight can lead to noncompliance with the local and state regulations which may have expensive legal consequences. While we aim to avoid such problems, in certain unavoidable circumstances litigation does occur; in such cases, Shah Grossi will advise you appropriately and help you negotiate and mediate as necessary.

To learn more about our services or for a consultation, please contact us at (213) 927-6980.


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